Wowkids 分会场


All-purpose Magic Cardboard Arm

How amazing your performance is! I do feel that you arehappy and really enjoy in the project.

The completion of the work is relatively high and can clearly express the purpose of the device, but I hope that you can complete your project ideas in the invention log.

Cats' Safety Alarmer

This is a greative and lovely project, and more sensors may be considered later to determine if there is an animal in the car.The part about detecting cats can try using the PIR sensor.

You identified a clear problem, and built a solution for it. Did some research on the need for the product. 

超级警车 Super Police Car

Be able to clearly explain the purpose of the work and use references in the presentation for detailed explanations.

Very cool idea! Is it possible to build a structure so that all four wheels can turn in all directions?

Seems there are two problems - traffic jams and visibility. It could help with visibility, but doesn’t really address traffic jam.

Practically, this may not be a feasible solution. Raising camera is possibly achievable, however raising the vehicle might not be? Cost high. Would be good to have considered other approaches, maybe a Drone could be a more simple, cost effective solution?

I can see you tried a lot to find the best solutions. It is an excellent way to learn. Big applause for your work!

Universal Cleaner

Can clearly explain the purpose of the work and the different functions of various parts, but lack of demonstration.

Very technical project! You can try some line-following techniques to make the car drive automatically.

Generally, great concept to combine appliances with similar functionality. Just presented the idea, could have had more information on the process and considerations.

Nice idea, need more research.

It`s clearly explained how it works and how you got the idea. It`s quite impressive! Big applause for your genius performance. Hope you can keep trying and make it come true.



Dream Parking

Can express the functions of device clearly, the device can be tested, and suggestions for improvement are proposed.

Very huge project! The two engineers demonstrated excellent production capabilities.

Invention already exists in terms of lights for vacant car parks. Installing a cleaner on each vehicle is possibly not practical. So overall its not really a great, new invention. However, they seem to have followed a reasonable process. So their work is quite impressive.

Good job!

I got a lot of fun from your roadshow! 

Well done, boys!

It is clearly explained how it works and how you got the idea. Big applause for your genius performance. 

Mr. Trash Bot

The concept of the work is very creative, I hope it can be a little clearer in the design sketch section.

Very sci-fi idea. I very much hope that you can continue the project and realize the fully automatic function.

They have come up with a problem relevant to their daily lives, and a solution. Would have been good to have some more of the process and steps they followed.

It`s amazing to see you participate and work so lot in this project! Great job!

Good responses to questions, very confident

Smartie Bag

The concept of the work is very advanced, and I hope that more functions of the work can be reflected.

Very high tech product! Very useful for me too.

There are existing solutions to the problem, and it would have been good if they could compare/contrast, and highlight their differences/advantages. They did have a very interesting future extension, with an app with a list of things to bring was great.

It`s quite amazing that your team could complete a project full of challenge. Great job.

醒狮 Dancing lion—— 冰球捡球机器人HOCKEY ROBOT

The works can start from the ice hockey in the author's daily life, so great.

Very convenient product! It can be extended to many other sports that need to pick up the ball.

I liked how they could link together the different functional components of their solution with the anaolgy of a eating, seeing, moving animal. They worked on the different components separately, prototyped (in Lego for the arms). Overall good work.

You guys did a lof of work on your project! Clear division of labor, excellent presentation, quick response! Overall, welldone!

Very creative project! I love the way how you presented your project in the roadshow. You made routine things a lot of fun! Can't wait to see you guys on this Saturday!

It`s clearly explained how it works and how you got the idea. It`s quite impressive! Big applause for your genius performance. 





























Washer Flying(自动洗毛笔机)



发明项目washer flying名字超好听,请用你们的发明带着我们一起飞起来吧!




The completion of the work is relatively high, and I hope that you should have some practical tests to verify your ideas.

Very good prototyping! The function is implemented very efficiently.

Seems that they have done research of existing solutions in real bathrooms. Not sure if mechanical/electrical solutions in a bathroom would be the safest :-)

Alternative technologies, as they mentioned towards the end would be good in the next version.

Very creative project! You made routine things a lot of fun! Prototype works well and intersting conversations added. 

Nice work!

Your performance was amazing and so impressive!  And the project was so interesting and complete. I love your work. Well done, kids!

Amazing idea, good execution.








Friend stop innovative chair找朋友概念蛋椅


该产品很有创新型,团队分工很清楚,对于产品介绍的也很清楚,期待看到把这 个发明推广到更多学校。

这个发明凝聚了JCJ “三兄弟”的诸多奇思妙想和对生活的热爱,期待你们几位小发明家通过试用这个 “蛋椅”找到更多的好朋友哦!加油!






Make Everyone Happy Machine

你的发明很实用哦~从你的发明背景看出你是一个很爱观察、爱思考,并且爱生活的孩子。期待看到你们改进完善后的样品,希望你的发明能让更多人To be happy 









自己动腿 丰衣足食
























鸟类繁育箱 Avian Incubator






























The idea seems OK. Good that he has an understanding of the current limitations with the solution, and plenty of interesting options to consider for future development.





Happy Bamboo Athlete 欢乐运动健将

一个有趣的,让人耳目一新的项目,对自己的产品打开市场很有信心 这很重要。展板很有自己的风格。对项目理解很详细。可以开发更多互动功能!


The point and application scenario of the device are novel, and I hope to see the demonstration.

A very high-tech project. Can do some water experiments!

Good start. Worthwhile looking into how submarines or other submersible craft control their bouyancy.

Take-out food protector【外卖守护神】

It solves the problem of takeaway delivery in a simple way, and finds innovative ideas from life. However, more application scenarios can be extended.

It is a project with a strong social welfare heart, which reflects the students' care for the working people. The overall function is also designed to be practical.

Good start. Very relevant problem nowadays. Could maybe expand the scope of future investigations to look at food packaging changes that could also help?

Celestial Vest

The point and application scenario of the device are novel, and I hope to see the demonstration.

Powerful works! There are plenty of features that can be added to the vest for true backcountry expedition assistance.

Good initial start. Started off with many ideas, and reduced the scope to focus on a few simple, core, features.

Great teamwork。

Super Soap Maker

A simple way to speed up the efficiency of soap making, and you have a little but great demonstration of the device.

Very practical and socially meaningful project. I would love to have one too! The cassette furnace can be replaced by some convenient heating modules to make the whole system more convenient.

Interesting invention. The more focussed problem being solved was how to make soap more quickly, safely, efficiently. With the motivation for this being to help provide clean water, hygiene to remote families. Options for looking at different heating methods, and even to offering the soap making invention as a stand alone solution for the families to make their own soap :-)

Very detailed and thourough presentation, natural body language used, have successful selling experience already. Hope you could make more contributions to the society. Your soap career just get started! Go for it,CEO! Welldone~!

Very detailed and thourough presentation.

Quite impressive as your project was designed for charity. It is better.Impressive presentation.

SmartLIB System

I hope that there can be more explanations on the operation details of the device and a detailed description of the application scenarios of the device.

Very interesting project. I think I need one too!

The basic problem was to help people to make a decision/choice. The solution is targetting something that physically delivers the different options. Student looked at a software version - maybe an app is a good approach to also consider.

From my understanding , your design is to choose items randomly without considering their prefer, yes? Could you think of the condition that it can be used ?

Water Detector Caution Wet Floor Sign

I can see the operation status of the work, you have completed the predetermined goal, but you can also add some other auxiliary functions.

Very interesting sensor design! impressive.

The solution presented in the documentation used copper tape to detect water. But during the presentation, they discussed much more advanced approaches, like considering to embed the sensor mechanisms into the space between tiles when renovating. Good to see the evolution of the thinking!!

It is clearly explained how it works and how you got the idea. Big applause for your genius performance. 

Good idea, but prototype isn’t functional yet.

Remote Controlled Lifter

I can see the operation status of the work, you have completed the predetermined goal, but you can add some other application scenarios.

A very fully functional project. Very beautifully designed.

Good start for an every day lifting device. In the future, considation of who will use it, and where they would use it could help guide development. Maybe making it more portable, light, so that it could be carried around would be a useful evolution?? Many things to try.

It`s a great idea. Looking forward to see you can make it come true and really helps people.


Smart bottle







懒人家居全自动系统 LAZEE HOME

李同学的技术视野很广阔,能够针对同类产品作出比较细致的对比分析,具有很好的观察能力和动手能力。超前的想法要现在落地还比较难,但是这并不能禁锢你梦想的翅膀。Your have a dream,a song to sing!续加油!





节水超人 -水流监测控制器



The completion of the work is relatively high, and can use controllers and sensors to solve certain problems.

Very complete product. The use of technology is just right. It can be combined with some fire monitoring methods, such as camera recognition.

The problem area is good choice. Some more iterations on the solution would help, thinking about why there is a need for solar panels (on an indoor system), is the CO sensor enough, sizing of box (where is the best place to locate a sensor for detecting fires), etc. Other MQ sensors would be useful?

Mentioned will try out different materials for the future.

It is emphasied on how it works and how you made it. I`m impressed by your participation in this project. Big applause for your amazing performance. 














The author's workload is very large, and the degree of completion is relatively high. You use certain technical means to help the disabled to better control the wheelchair.

Students' proficient use of technology is impressive. A very large project has been completed. It is almost equivalent to the technical level of a university undergraduate.

Overall good. Next iteration would be good to look more closely at the requirements for control (head movement, versus other possible inputs), more fail-safe safety considerations. Excellent start.




The concept of the work is very good, and I hope to see the concrete effect of the device through some practical measures.   

Interesting solution. More details, testing on how the solution would combat real-world problems like wind, waves would be useful.

Also looking to the future, how could the remote control aspect be enhanced or made smarter. Is there any way to have the life ring search for the person, or head towards a tracking device on the swimmer? 



Curling Bot 冰壶小助手

The completion of the work is relatively high, and the  point is novel. Hope to see the actual effect of the device through some practical tests.

Short term, would not lead to any clear time/labour savings, as all manual. Future automated version may lead to the savings in time/effort.

Could you further improve speed by collecting more than one stone per trip? Good start.


The completion of the work is very high, and I hope to see the actual effect of the device through some practical measures.

Very complete project, unfortunately didn't see the serve demo.

Excellent project. Practically would take a lot of iteration and tuning to get it working. It is a pity that all the steps and changes during the development process were not documented in the invention log.

Eyes for the Dark

The  point of the device is very good, it can help the blind to solve some practical difficulties, and the operation process is clearly transmitted. I hope to see the effect of the operation of the device.

This is a very charitable project. It can be combined with some updated text recognition technologies to speed up the reading of the entire text.

Good project integrating a set of open source libraries together.

OCR and TTS are kind of mature technologies, that can be achieved with a regular scanner and a PC. Or even with a smartphone app. Focus of this solution is on a cheap, simple solution. Thats the differentiation.

Very detailed and thourough presentation.

生命通道life tunnel

The device to turn food waste into treasure is a very good idea, I hope to see the actual operation of the device.

Very useful item. Considered a lot of garbage disposal details.

Development process seems OK. Solution is mixing household scraps with soil. Is not trying to create compost with micro organisms (and the associated odors). Would be good for the next iteration to look into how some of the other commercial home compost systems work (heating, drying). Could give some useful ideas.

Automatic Hydroponic Farm

The completion of the work is very high, and I hope to see the actual effect of the device through some practical measures.

Very useful item. Multiple water pipes can be added for zoned watering.

Concept OK. There is a bit of a gap between the problem (improve success rate of crops) and the solution features (measure temp and humidity). Testing would help verify? Maybe there are some other sensors out there that could be useful for the next iteration? 

Word counting machine The creativity of the work is good. The number of words is counted in a simple way.

Noticed a very interesting life problem and came up with a very good solution.

The project is a good first iteration of the invention cycle. Future iterations could look at more testing, trying out alternative methods of indicating the finishing of a word. Could IMU data help automate the detection process?

very relatable for students.

Table Tennis Buddy

I can see the operation status of your work, complete the  goal , but I think you should change the control method of the launch.

The function is very complete, and some details of use are taken into account. It is an excellent project.

Great first start. Lots of opportunity for continued improvement and iteration. Testing to understand if more mass/less mass in the wheels improves performance.

Already planning on upgrades for future version.

So wonderful that your model really works! So happy for you. Big applause for your zmazing performance. It worths you put more effort to make it perfect!

Moving Box

The scope of application of the device can be expanded and detailed, and I hope to see the actual operation.

A very common problem is solved, and the techniques used are simple and practical.

Generally OK. Additional research on existing other products may provide useful guideance for future improvements.

It is emphasied on how it works and how you made it. I`m impressed by your participation in this project. Big applause for your performance. 

Puppets Hand

The concept of the work is very meaningful, the installation is relatively complex and the completion level is high, and certain tests and optimizations have been carried out.

A very high-tech project. Students have done a lot of complex research there.

Overall, very ambitious project, and much to learn about each of the separate areas. Robot hand, robot arm, controlling it, signals from the human body.Could break down into subsystems, which are projects in themselves.

So wonderful that your model really works! So happy for you. Big applause for your zmazing performance. It worths you put more effort to make it come true! 

The Useless Box

I hope to see the actual use effect of the device, and the decompression toys can be made into a small series to meet different groups of people.

Very fun toy. I think it could go to some art exhibitions.

Interesting, simple project. As a next step, user testing would help understand if the concept is useful, and keeps kids engaged. A new fidget spinner craze ?

I can agree with more that this project means a lot to you. Hope you can find that it can help others, too. It is not  "useless" at all as the name given to it. 

The Ambulance Locating System

Simulation can be done in the device, but how can the characteristics of the device be presented in real life? It can be described a little bit in your project.

Very interesting invention. Here's a solution I've never seen.

Interesting approach to tracking and dispatching ambulances. Further research into the costs of putting tracking sensors on most roads would help guide future development steps.

It`s a great idea. If it really works,  imagine how many people it can help.